concierge services

The existing great co-operation between sales associates and the company is what makes the difference in the services offered by TMG, characterised by quality, speed and maximum custom work, a structured and efficient service system, where every part works at its best and in synergy with the others

Every aspect of the production of slabs and blocks is carefully carried out, never left unplanned.

The inspection phase at the quarry allows the purchasing managers, assisted by specialised technicians, to select only first choice natural stones and to test and acquire only those blocks that pass the strict quality control, to be then sent to the company and processed.
The processing of natural stone is done using up to date machinery, guaranteeing the production of top quality finishes.

The selection of raw materials in the quarry and the consequent acquisition of blocks comply with the characteristics required by the market
The flexibility in the dispatching of orders, one of the company’s strong points, allowing quick delivery for large and small orders

TMG organizes weekly shipping schedules to ensure immediate deliveries, even for small orders: minimum resource waste and maximum optimisation of routes and costs translate into great savings on shippinhg costs for anyone placing an order.